Washington, D.C.

400 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 585
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 434-4776

Annapolis, Maryland

29 Francis Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-280-5088
Fax: 410-280-1618

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

14408 Old Mill Road, Suite 201
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: 301-952-8885
Fax: 301-952-0290

LaPlata, Maryland

403 East Charles Street
LaPlata, MD 20646
Phone: 301-392-0888
Fax: 301-392-5881


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Lobbying Services

State Government Relations

G.S. Proctor & Associates has a strong and visible presence in Annapolis, representing a variety of multinational corporations, regional and local businesses, governments, trade associations, and grassroots organizations. During each legislative session, we secure funds for local governments; work with legislators to craft legislation that sustains and encourages economic growth; support legislative initiatives for communities; and advocate for multinational corporations. During the legislative interim, we work with our clients to build relationships with legislative members, and executive-level officials. We position our clients to bid and win contracts from state agencies such as the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. We monitor and act on legislation that our clients identify as vital to their interests. As our diverse client list would suggest, we can successfully advocate for all of your legislative and executive needs with an equal sense of commitment, expertise, and integrity.